Christos Mouroukis is an internationally published author.

Havoc: Interracial Sex in Film 1957 – 2015
upcoming book to be published by Midnight Marquee Press.

Greek VHS Mayhem
column at popular U.S. cinema megazine Weng’s Chop; available at Amazon.com (October 2013 - present).

My Monster Movie Marathon Diary
column in Tim Paxton’s legendary Monster! magazine; available at Amazon.com (February 2014 – present).

DVD stories
column at Horrorant International Film Festival’s website (http://www.horrorant.com/) (May 2014 – present).

I Love the Dead: Necrophilia in Film
column at Γκρέκα magazine’s website (http://grekamag.gr/). (January 2014 – November 2014).

Interracial Sex Havoc, Secondhand Smut
columns at Cinema Head Cheese. (October 2013 – December 2015).

30 Horror Movies
film reviews in the “Pantheon” section of free press magazine Ough! (December 2012).

Cult Movies
column in free press magazine I Act (October 2011 – February 2012).

U – D Cinema and U – D Video
columns in monthly free press magazine United Free Press Magazine (November 2010 – April 2011).

Christos, you're a quality writer and you love sleaze. Great combo! (Jeff Dolniak from Cinema Head Cheese)

Weng's Chop Book
Horrorant magazine